"El Oi! es rock and roll, cerveza, sexo, ir a recitales, cagarse de risa un rato, pelearse, es nuestra vida, es nuestro show, nuestro mundo, es nuestro estilo de vida."

Garry Johnson.

2 jul. 2007

Sham 69 - Tell Us The Truth

01. We got a fight (Live)
02. Rip off (Live)
03. Ulster (Live)
04. George Davis is innocent (Live)
05. They don't understand (Live)
06. Borstal breakout (Live)
07. Family life
08. Hey little rich boy
09. I'm a man, I'm a boy
10. What about the lonely
11. Tell us the truth
12. It's never too late
13. Who's generation
14. What have we got
15. borstal breakout

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