"El Oi! es rock and roll, cerveza, sexo, ir a recitales, cagarse de risa un rato, pelearse, es nuestra vida, es nuestro show, nuestro mundo, es nuestro estilo de vida."

Garry Johnson.

10 sept. 2007

Patriot - Cadence from the Street

1. Trespass
2. Rat Race
3. Beer Run
4. D.W.I.
5. And Here They Lie
6. Big Mouth
7. Memories Of Oi!
8. Cadence From The Street
9. Proudly We Stand
10. Timeclock Bully
11. Morning After, The
12. SkinGirl
13. Bois Night Out
14. Bit Of Aggro, A
15. Reap What You Sow

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